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Some Sources for Those Starting Baroque/Natural Trumpet Study



Where to go to start learning about baroque performance practices.


Johann Ernst Altenberg – Trumpeter’s and Kettledrummers’ Art (1795). English translation Edward H. Tarr


Anthony Burton (series editor) – A Performer’s Guide to Music of the Baroque Period (2002).


Mary Cyr - Performing Baroque Music (1992).


Girolamo Fantini - Modo per imparare a suonare di Tromba (1638)


Johann Joachim Quantz – On Playing the Flute (1752). English translation by Edward R. Reilly.


Jean-Claude Veilhan – The Rule of Musical Interpretation in the Baroque Era.




Modern Baroque/Natural Trumpet Method Books – recommendations for those starting out.


Farley, Robert, and John Hutchins, Natural Trumpet Studies, Brass Wind Publications,


Foster, John, The Natural Trumpet and Other Related Instruments, Kookaburra Music, (2010)


Laird, Michael, BrassWorkBook for Natural Trumpet, BrassWorks, Essex U.K. (1999).


Plunkett, Paul, Technical and Musical Studies for the Baroque Trumpet, Schmid Blechblaesernoten Nagold, (1995).


Tarr, Edward H., The Art of Baroque Trumpet Playing, Schott, Mainz (1999). Three Volumes start with volume 1. Most highly recommended.




Progressive list of suggested solos for the baroque trumpet player.


Pieces from Dauverne and other 19th Century Methods

Monteverdi’s Toccata from Orfeo

Telemann Sonate in D Major

Jeremiah Clarke, Suite in D Major

Tomaso Albinoni Sonata in C Major

Girolamo Fantini, Various solos from Per Modo Imperare

Henry Purcell Sonata in D

Andrea Grossi – various sonatas

Giuseppe Torelli, Various Sonatas, Sinfonias

Domenico Gabrielli – Various Sonatas

George Frideric Handel - Suite in D Major

Giovanni Buonaventura Viviani – Sonatas Prima and Secunda

Arcangelo Corelli - Sonata in D

H.I.F Biber – various sonatas



CDs Featuring Baroque Trumpet Soloists


The following recordings are just a few of those available featuring the baroque trumpet as a solo instrument. This should be used

just as a starting point in listening to the baroque trumpet, as there are many fine baroque trumpet recordings available.


Barry Bauguess

The Gilded Trumpet                                                                                   BTS (Baroque Trumpet Shop)


Australian Baroque Brass

Music of a Golden Age, Volumes 1, 2, and 3                                      Tubicium Records


Mark Bennet and Michael Laird                    

Sound the Trumpet…Henry Purcell And His Followers                    Hyperion

            Sonatae tam aris, quam aules servientes – H.I.F. Biber      Chandos


Mark Bennett and Michael Harrison, English Concert

            Biber Missa Christi resurgentis                                                    Harmonia Mundi


Gabriele Cassone

            Fantini – Viviani                                                                                 Nuova Era Records

Gagliarde, Canzone e Voluntaries per Tromba e Organo                  Nuova Era Records

Canzoni Strumentali Milanesi del primo '600                                       Nuova Era Records

La tromba in San Petronio                                                                          Nuova Era Records

Tafelmusik (II teil) and Trumpet Concertos                                          Giulia Digital

H. I. F. Biber, K. Biber “Concerti e sonate per 1,2,4 e 5 trombe”     Dynamic Records


Bengt Eklund’s Baroque Trumpet Ensemble with Edward Tarr

            Courtly Trumpet Ensemble Music                                                 BIS


Niklas Eklund

The Art of the Baroque Trumpet, Volumes 1-5                                   Naxos


Reinhold Friedrich

Tribute to Old England                                                                                Digital Capriccio


Friedemann Immer

Trumpet Concertos of the Early Baroque                                              MD&G Records


Friedemann Immer Trumpet Consort

Baroque in Blue                                                                                              K&K Verlagsanstalt

400 Jahre Naturtrompete                                                                          BSS – Balance Surround Sound

Barocke Trompetenmusik                                                                          Deutsche Harmonia Mundi


Jean-Francois Madeuf

            Purcell’s Trumpets: From Shore to Shore                                  Arion Music

            Telemann Trumpet and Horn Concertos                                   Accent Records


Paul Plunkett

Baroque Trumpet and Strings                                                                   Move Records

Tromba Triumphans                                                                                     Winter & Winter


Brian Shaw

            Virtuoso Concertos for Clarino                                                      Clarino Records


Crispian Steele-Perkins

Music for Trumpet and Orchestra                                                             Sony Classical

Let the Trumpet Sound                                                                                Carlton Classics


Crispian Steele-Perkins and Alison Balsom

The fam’d  Italian Masters – Music for Two Trumpets from the Italian Baroque


Crispian Steele-Perkins and Stephen Keavy

            Italian Baroque                                                                                    Hyperion


Edward Tarr

Spaniens Goldenes Zeitalter – The Golden Age of Spain                   Christophorus


Various Players, Including Tarr, David Staff, etc.

Torelli Complete Works for 1, 2, 3, and 4 trumpets                            Bongiovanni-Bologna


Various Players: Jordi Savall, conductor

            Biber Missa Bruxellensis                                                                   Alia Vox



Where to start to look for makers of baroque and natural trumpets:


Jeremy Sexton's Directory of Natural, Baroque, and Historic Trumpet Makers

Also if in the USA, try .

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